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Living Virtuously in a Virtual World

Living Virtuously in a Virtual World

Living Virtuously in a Virtual World: a six-week sermon series on faith and technology. Technology promises to make our lives better, but does it? Through technology we have access to countless Bible studies and devotionals but also endless amounts of worthless distractions and dangerous content. Social media allows us to connect with old friends and new, but we can use those connections for both good or evil. The internet is opening up new pathways for the gospel to be shared, but also serves as an avenue for slander, gossip, and hate. The truth is, while technology changes, the human heart remains the same. Technology, on its own, will not make us better people. Only the indwelling of the Holy Spirit can form us into saints.

In Search of Church

Family Matters

Church Alive!

How Easter set the early church on fire!

A 4 week sermon series by Dr. Taylor Sandlin.