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Vote on Future Building Committee

10.04.19 | e-news | by Taylor Sandlin

Vote on Future Building Committee

    UPDATE: Sunday's vote passed 351 to 3!


    Over the last six months, the staff has been visiting with church members about the needs of our congregation. In Town Hall meetings and hallway conversations, our church members have communicated a desire to see the church grow in its faithfulness to Christ and Christ’s mission.

    This desire to be faithful and engaged to Christ’s mission in the world is exciting. I’ve been moved by the church’s eager participation in special worship services like the Night of Prayer in July and the Evening of Worship in September. We already are seeing new families connect to our church because of these special worship services.

    Our midweek ministries also continue to thrive. On Wednesdays we are having as many as 300 people on campus for missions, music, English as a Second Language, and Bible Study programs. We’ve had a number of baptisms recently that are a direct result of our women’s and children’s ministries.

    While it has been behind the scenes, we have had almost 30 people engaged in some significant training to get our Stephen Ministry off the ground. This one-on-one caregiving ministry will officially begin early next year. At that time our church will have taken a significant step in creating a space for people in the midst of crisis to receive meaningful help.

    I could go on and on. So many good things are happening. It does feel that after a few years of transition, we are finally moving into a renewed season of worship, ministry and mission.

    I think that makes it the perfect time to pick back up the task of determining how we might expand our building in order to better meet our ministry needs. If you are new to our congregation, you might not realize that the church began to look at expanding the education facilities of the church back in 2013/2014. That project was put on hold after Pastor Phil’s death, Hurricane Harvey, and other challenges made it impractical to proceed.

    You, the church, have been patient with these delays. I believe that patience will be rewarded. I believe we are in a place to pick up this project and move forward with wisdom, faith, and ultimately, success.

    In order to make concrete progress, we are in need of a building committee. That is why, on this Sunday, October 6, 2019, there will be a special called business meeting at the close of the service to vote by ballot on the SLBC Future Building Committee. The Nominating Committee will be presenting the following slate of candidates for that committee: Michelle Robinett, Jim McGregor, Donna Pogue, Allison McKinney, Wes Whitfield, Mike Rose, Ryan Watson, and David Vollmer.

    This committee is tasked with the following charge:

    • To formulate a plan for future building space to meet the current and expected future ministry needs of our church.
    • To develop and execute a plan for raising the funds necessary to complete the plan.

    For those of you who may be new to Baptist life, voting for this committee is not the same thing as voting for a building plan. We are simply voting to commission this committee to develop a plan which will then be voted on by the church at a future date.

    I’ve enjoyed every conversation I’ve had with church members about Vision 2020 and what they see as our needs going forward. I’m excited about seeing real progress in this area in the next six months to a year.

    If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me in the coming weeks.

    Grace and peace,

    Pastor Taylor