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Safety and Security

General Policies:


 Check In and Pick Up

Our rooms open 15 minutes prior to regularly scheduled services.  All families should follow the proper security procedures.  Children are to be brought to their classrooms by a parent and will only be released to a parent.  At times children cry when being separated from their parents—this is a normal part of the developmental process, and our volunteers are prepared to help your child through this time of transition.  Separation becomes easier as children become used to the routine.  We encourage parents to bring their children regularly. lParents should pick their child up immediately after the service.  This helps prevent the apprehension they feel waiting to be picked up. 

We ask that only one parent, with their security number, pick up the child.  Please refrain from entering the room. 


Safety and Security

We have a security sticker check-in system.  Please visit a Preschool Welcome Station, where someone will assist you with the process. Stickers are printed as name tags, bag tags, and “claim checks” for each child.

Our target for each room is an adult-child ratio of 1 to 4.  Every caregiver has completed a background check before they are permitted to work with children.   All childcare teachers are CPR trained and certified and have undergone TB testing. 

The nursery is equipped with a fully stocked medical kit. Each room is equipped with evacuation cribs, in case of emergency.


What to Bring

Please bring extra diapers, bottles, cups with lids, pacifiers or other soothing items, and extra clothes. 

Please make sure that your child’s belongings are clearly labeled with his or her name.

Please do not bring toys from home.


Nursing Mothers

We provide a nursing room for your privacy.  The nursery coordinator will be happy to help you locate the nursing room; however, please provide a bottle for your baby in the event that your return is delayed.


 Well-Child Policy

For the protection of the all of the children in our care, we cannot accept children with the following symptoms:  heavy, frequent, or productive cough, pink eyes or discharge from eyes, lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, green and runny nose, or any contagious skin condition.

Children should be fever free for 24 hours before they are with other children.

Children who appear ill during a session will be isolated and made as comfortable as possible.  Parents will be called to come immediately to pick up the child.   

Please contact the church office should your child become ill following a childcare session.  Other parents whose child may have been exposed will be notified.

No medication will be administered by preschool workers.  (In Emergency situations, Epi Pens can be administered as prescribed).


 Snack Time and Allergies

Toddlers and older preschoolers might be offered a snack of Goldfish Crackers, Cheese-Its, Vanilla Wafers, Animal Crackers, or Cheerios.  If other snacks are offered, the teachers will post an Allergy Alert Sign to inform parents during drop off.

If your preschooler has food or insect allergies, please let us know.  You can pick up an allergy information form at a Preschool Welcome Desk. 


 Be a V.I.P.

In order to maintain a safe adult-child ratio, we need many loving adults on our preschool team.  Consider serving as a Volunteer In Preschool once a month or once a quarter.