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Deacon Nomination

Deacon Nomination

Every Sunday from 10/20/2019 to 11/03/2019

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DEACON NOMINATIONS FOR 2020-2022 will be accepted through Sunday, November 3, at the church office or they may be placed in the offering plate on Sunday

Deacon elections are held annually to ensure that an adequate number are available to serve the needs of the church, to recognize those who have grown spiritually, and to incorporate those who have transferred into this fellowship.

Deacon nominees will be examined by a committee, elected by the membership, and ordained by the church. They will serve a three-year term on one of the ministry teams. After serving a term of three years, a deacon shall be classified as a “Reserve Deacon,” and shall be eligible for reelection to active status only after the lapse of at least one year.

Click here for a copy of the Nomination Form.