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A Church, Lacking Heart

Posted by Alena Vaughn on

A bustling sanctuary on Sunday morning is as chaotic as a village market on Tuesday. Congregants flow into the building garbed in their closets' finest, beaming with polished greetings, and providing listening ears with stories of the week’s grand happenings. Each person moves to a seat, observing the array of faces, all the while--in too many cases--acknowledging only those worthy of recognition. As worship commences, we stand in obligation to the tradition of our service while there is cast mannered judgement upon other congregants.

For too many of us, there comes an ease in finding evil in the world. As the Church we often label abominable deeds as if we are a people oblivious to God. We point fingers and lay blame expecting the existence of corruption to be explained in the act of removing ourselves. But Psalm 14 implies that corruption of humankind takes place in the heart. For lips may confess that “there is a God,” but a heart that lacks this knowledge is the foundation of a corrupt people.

A heart transformed is faith alive--it is the act of righteous living and selfless giving. It is a people so disheartened by the world that they seek to be the presence of God in every venue. It is the responsibility to lay the finger of blame upon the whole of the Church and recognize the need of inward transformation.

When God moves through our sanctuary on Sunday morning, does God find any good in the room? Or, does God behold a corrupt people vocalizing a belief that lacks penetration of the heart? Or, are the nostrils of God filled with a pleasing aroma of goodness--because the character of transformed hearts reigns?

Peace Be the Journey,

Pastor Alena